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December 21, 2021

Is Online Therapy Just As Effective As In person?

Is online therapy just as effective as in person?

Good question. Lots of people love online therapy, for a variety of reasons, including the convenience, and the sense of privacy because they will not be seen walking in and out of the therapist’s office, but I realize not everyone does. If you don’t like online therapy, and now it’s being imposed on you, that can make things very difficult and could indeed create resentment. However many of my clients have grown to love online therapy also for convenience. They can talk to me from anywhere like the park, the cottage or even work. It makes access to a therapist just a phone call away. 

I know many therapists have found that online therapy saves them an enormous amount of time, saves them on rent, travel costs, etc., and that the convenience of working from home opens up a whole new world for them. Keeping my therapy sessions online allows me to keep my session fees low since there is little overhead.